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Our natural advantages

Our natural advantages

Plentiful underground water supply

The Tatiara is fortunate to have an abundance of good underground water, thanks to the overflow from Poocher Swamp during wet periods. The water flows westwards along a route, which brings into operation a system of unique runaway holes – deep depressions in the ground that absorb millions of litres of water – and result in the recharging of the vast underground water supplies.

Mediterranean climate and high rainfall

Here in the Tatiara we’re blessed with naturally good weather. A Mediterranean climate delivers mild, damp winters and warm to hot dry summers, ideal for agriculture.

Fertile land for agriculture/horticulture

Our economy is underpinned by agricultural and pastoral industries, spanning the production of grains such as barley, oats and wheat, and stock including sheep, cattle and pigs. Extensive irrigation has facilitated the growing of small seeds, flowers, vegetables and olives.

Main highway location

The Tatiara is centrally located on the Dukes Highway, just three hours drive from Adelaide’s CBD, and five hours drive to Melbourne’s CBD. Convenient transport infrastructure and free Wi-Fi mean our local businesses benefit from travellers taking a break on their journey between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Rail and road transport hub

As a major tourist corridor, 8,000 cars and 2,000 trucks pass through our region each day – with this number significantly increasing over holiday periods.